Uspešno sodelovanje s podjetjem Horex

Successfully completed project


At Horex trade we have successfully integrated the LSC PRO production management system, revolutionizing our production workflow from order to final shipment.

This seamless integration with the SAGE ERP system ensures a unified and efficient operational environment.

The standout feature of the LSC PRO system lies in its integrity and real-time control of production. This capability enables us to analyze production data in real-time, providing a comprehensive overview at our fingertips. By comparing production progress with initial quotations, the system empowers us with invaluable insights, allowing for proactive decision-making and precise course correction.

In essence, the implementation of the LSC PRO system at Horex not only optimizes production processes but also enhances ability to maintain a synchronized and agile production environment.

This translates to improved efficiency, reduced errors, and a heightened capacity to meet customer expectations.


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