PAPP d.o.o.

Increased productivity through implemented software solutions.


Papp is a company that has been present in the sheet metal industry for many years. The company was already using a basic Lantek software solution, but wanted to further improve its operations and increase productivity.

To meet their needs, we suggested using the Lantek Expert Cut Plus module and the Lantek Expert post processor. This combination brought revolutionary changes to their production and operational processes.

By acquiring an automatic nesting system, we enabled the company to increase productivity. They are now able to quickly and efficiently optimise the layout of pieces on the sheet, allowing them to be more efficient and produce faster.

In addition, we have also enabled them to manage and reuse scrap, which has helped to optimise production even further. They can now use every bit of material, reducing waste and optimising production costs.

The common cut function is another key asset for the company. This function allows maximum material utilisation, which in turn contributes to even greater efficiency and material savings.

Together with the Pappa team, we have achieved amazing results. Their business has become more efficient, productive and competitive in the market.





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