Managing different cutting technologies with unified programming


In modern industry, the key to success is continuous innovation and adapting to new challenges. Cromex decided to go one step further and optimise their production processes using Lantek software solutions.

Here is the success story that brought together two different cutting techniques – laser cutting and sheet metal punching – into a single, efficient system: Lantek Expert Gold.

With the help of Lantek products, we optimised the programming and operation on two different machines with different cutting techniques – laser cutting with the Expert Cut system and sheet metal punching with the Lantek Expert Punch system.

How did we achieve this connection? By combining both cutting techniques in a single software called Lantek Expert Gold, we have created synergies between the different production processes. This integration has enabled better optimisation of production lines, resulting in greater efficiency, lower costs and faster response to customer needs.

A single management system has enabled better control of production, as both cutting processes can be easily monitored and managed from one place. In addition, the risk of errors is reduced and accuracy is increased, as there is no longer a need to manually switch between different software tools.

The result? Increased productivity, faster production times and greater flexibility in the production process.

Lantek Expert Gold is not just a software solution, it is an innovative tool that has taken production to a new level.





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