Implementation of Lantek Expert Cut plus with Bystronic Waterjet


Euroedil Holding, based in North Macedonia, is at the forefront of metal processing. It specialises in cutting sheet metal into strips of various dimensions and manufacturing components for hanging systems for plasterboard accessories and structural parts.

In the pursuit of excellence, they have integrated state-of-the-art technology into their operations. We equipped their Bystronic Waterjet machine with Lantek Expert Cut Plus software, setting new standards in efficiency and precision.

How the Lantek Expert Cut Plus software solution has revolutionised workflow:

  • Seamless integration: the integration of Lantek Expert Cut Plus achieved synergy between automatic, semi-automatic and manual nesting functions.
  • Nesting capabilities: The combination of automatic nesting with manual nesting functions such as copy, move and rotate has proven to be an extremely powerful tool.
  • Optimum material utilisation: Automatic nesting optimises the arrangement of parts on metal plates, ensuring maximum material utilisation.
  • Waste reduction: The software’s ability to detect and prioritise the use of scrap in stock.

This solution gave them flexibility and optimised machine performance. They have increased productivity and significantly reduced waste, demonstrating the company’s commitment to efficiency and environmental responsibility.





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